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Prehistoric Sri Lanka and The Great King Ravana

Ravana The GreatKing of Yakka's

It all started after discovering 4 flying objects (Aero plane type) carved in a Pyramid wall in Egypt in 1986. Only then the world started believing that the Ravana and the “Dandumonaraya” ( Pushpaka Yaanaya / Vimana ) was real. 
( Source: Dr. Mirando Obeysekara / Dr. Sooriya Gunasekara )

History of Ravana

Grandfather – Pulasthi Muni
Father – Wishrawas Muni
Mother – Kesini ( Daughter of King Sumalin )
Brothers - Kumbhakarna, Bara, Dushana and Vibheeshana

King Ravana was the eldest son of King Wishrawas Muni n Queen Kesini, King Wishrawas Muni was the son of King Pulatya Muni, who was the son of King Sumali, who was the son of King Sukesha, who was the son of King Vidyuthkesha, who was the son of King Heathiraksha, who was the son of King Dharmaraja, whos was the son of King Suryaputhra, but the country was ruled by a king called “Kuwera”. (Ravana’s Father’s first marriages’ son) but since his mother was an Indian, King Ravana was the rightful ruler to the Throne but Kuwera rejected King Ravana and therefore Ravana had to gather all the Yakkas from his Mother’s party to chase away Kuwera to claim the Kingdom rightfully his about 6000 years ago. Kuwera’s palace was built at Sigiriya by the famous architect “Mayadhanawa” and the Mayans were his descendents which was originally built for the King Wishrawas Muni. King Ravana was a wise and a great King at his time and his sister “Suparnaka” was the ruler of South India at that time who’s nose was cut off by king Dasharatha's sons Rama and Laxmana which made King Ravana to bring “Sita” Rama’s wife to Lakdiva as a punishment but didn’t do any harm because she too was his sister and also did nothing in return for revenge.

The "Ramayanaya" by Valmiki explains the greatness of King Ravana's Technology, Medicine and etc was at it's peak; but the untold story behind is that the Indians were into animal sacrifices and all the other unethical believings and teachings of the Bamunas. King Ravana on the other hand was a non-violent peace loving King which made the Bamunas hate him and make conspiracies against him and Rama and Lakshmana are some of them who've been fooled and used as allies. During his time with Bamunas, "Rama" accidentally saw "Suparnaka" while taking a walk in the Forrest and at once he gave up "Sita" and wanted to have her her for her beauty, but since she turned him down the Bamunas made them to cut off her nose for the shame they've brought. And even after the incident, King Ravana didn't want to go to war with India, but the Bamunas insisted and made the Indians go to war with King Ravana. Indians lost the war before it even got started, when Rama died from just one arrow shot by King Ravana but his brother Vibheeshana betrayed him and gave the secret of "Amurthaya" [herb of eternal life] to the Indians, thinking that he'll be king after the Great King Ravana but the people rejected him for his acts and also because King Ravana has already handed over the kingdom to Suparnaka as the new Queen just before he went into Meditation.

After the war was over, Rama was suspicious about Sita because the Bamuna's were behind that. Sita had 2 children of his but he wanted to test her through the "Agni Parikshanaya" [Test of Fire] and the results proved that Sita was pure and innocent. But due to the nature of Rama towards women made her suicide by jumping off a waterfall. Later his brother too suicide him self by jumping into a river called "Sayuru" at Ayodhya due to the barbaric acts of Rama. Indian people too had rejected Rama as a king due to his violent nature but due to the nature of the story been told, they were worshiped as Gods to date. Throughout our long running history, the Indians invaded Lakdiva on many occasions but got defeated effortlessly under mighty Kings such as "Pandukabhaya", "Wijayabahu", "Walagamba" and "Parakramabahu the Great"

At Ravana’s time, he used to travel not only in the Air but in Underground Tunnels as well, and like nowadays Highways, it was a massive Tunnel System. In villages there still are very few people who have the knowledge and know where the Tunnels are exactly. Recently they have discovered a Tunnel during road construction at “Saadinnagala”, which the archeologists believe is not an Entrance but a hole in wall in-between entrances.  The villages say that there’s a Pond and a Palace under 100s of feet inside these Tunnels which they’ve seen where Flowers too grow without any Sunlight. They said that the Tunnel System still functions and they could travel to different Cities without getting noticed or seen and Bandarawela “Dhoowa Temple” is one of the in-between Tunnels in the System. About 2 km above “Karandagolla-Odukirinda”, there is an Entrance to a Ravana’s Tunnel System. ( So far there are 3 Tunnels discovered, one in “Uva” in 1917, one in “Sthreepura” and the other near “Ravana Falls”)

Legend say that the great king Ravana is not dead but in an Unconscious like Meditation state after the war which explains in the “Hela Ayurvedaya” where people have lived for thousands of years without aging where their Hair and Nails still grow until they’re awaken and it has been proved by many Anjanam seekers. (Collyrium Method)

The time where we live in is a time where everything is based on Material such as, Coal, Ferrous, Oil, Minerals n such is going to end soon and the world will have to look back at the main ancient Energy source Sunlight where the great king Ravana will be re-awaken. According to the sources, there are 7 Underground Palaces recorded and the above mentioned and “Mawanella” are few of those which we haven’t explored yet.

And about 7-8 Generations before Ravana, there was a king called Maha Bali in Lakdiva who was taken to the Underworld by the 4th Avatar of Vishnu the midget which could be the Tunnel system or as the Legend says which could be the Inca Civilization right across on the other side of Lakdiva. (Actually it’s no Legend but has mentioned in old books as well, since Sir Anthony Elephant has abolished all the ancient traditional teachings and methods, people used different methods of transmitting the knowledge from Generation to Generation and Rumors are one of them)

Prehistoric Sri Lanka
(Source: Dr. Gamini Adhikari)

According to Archeologists, the Sigiriya is well over 6000-10,000 years old where they’ve used Pots and different kinds of cooking methods, various Rituals as an Advance Neolithic group of people and altogether 14,000 years of Neolithic culture, and also have found 40,000 year old Geometric Microliths and a “Human Skelton in Balangoda”, “Bellanbendipelassa Cemetery”  15-20 other skeletons during excavations. and also have found proof of Lions living over 1000 of years which they believe that extinct because of the Climates and the Geography has changed over the rough periods of time.(Savanna grass lands)  Sri Lanka (Lakdiva) however has a history of over  500,000 years and altogether 125 million years where they’ve found fossils of Plants at “Thabbowa” belonging to the Jurassic Period. Excavations done in the early 1930’s by Dr. Deraniyagala have found a Tooth belonging to “Homopithecus Sinhalayus” and 2 pieces of Eye Lobe belonging to “Homo Sinhalayus” (A link between Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Erectus) in the excavated land (mines) and the soil has verified to be aging over 2 million years (Pleistocene) The first evolutionary stages of man were Australopithecus and Homo-habilis but Homo-erectus was the one migrated to Asia.

According to the Gondwanaland Theory, Archeologists believe that the humans were originally from the continent of Africa and Sri Lanka got separated from India about 10,000 years ago but I believe the whole Evolution process started here in Sri Lanka and then disperse into the world periodically

After Waylon discovering massive set of Stone Age tools from “Thambapanni” in 1915’s Archeologists have also found 2 skeletons in “Pothana” near Sigiriya (Dry Zone) and “Pallemalala” (Coastal Areas) in recent excavations have both got the same kind of skeletons structure but the Coastal skeleton’s teeth are small and heavily used assuming exposed to various kinds of food consumption. And in “Panama south – Miniha Gal Kanda” (Yala block II) they’ve found Stone Tools aging over 125,000 years (Mesolithic ) old but further 2 meters down from the first layer of stone tools they again found another set of stone tool aging from 800,000 years (Paleolithic).

*We still haven’t’ been able to do a decent amount of excavation due to Lack of Funding and Assistance by the Government and constantly losing the sites to Mining and lack of understanding the importance of Value.

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